Kent Howell and Nate Farley are the brains behind Infodontics, LLC, a company committed to placing dental information at people's fingertips through innovative, useful, and beautiful online resources. We started our journey into dental resources with whatimplantisthat.com, a free online resource for radiographic implant identification. While we have worked on a variety of other projects, we are very excited and passionate about this site, digitaldds.com.
We are both prosthodontists who were co-residents at The Ohio State University. In residency, we witnessed at all the meetings we attended that digital was creeping more and more into dentistry. We were hungry for experience and started playing with guided surgery and CAD/CAM workflows. We barely scratched the surface.


Fast forward into private practice. Kent and I are now practicing together in Mesa, AZ at Revive Dental Implant Center where we have a very digital practice. We have a Trios intraoral scanner, DOF HD desktop scanner, and Sirona Orthophos SL CBCT to digitize patients. We use Exocad, Meshmixer, and Blue Sky Plan to design almost everything: waxups, surgical guides, splints, crowns, implant crowns, dentures, hybrids, and everything else. There really isn't anything we haven't made digitally. We have two 3D printers, Form 2 and Micron P305, and a Versamill 5XS mill. We fabricate most things in-office except milled titanium. We still have a few more pieces to add to this digital practice puzzle, but for the most part, we have the epitome of a digital office. Do you think this happened overnight?? Not at all.
Residency was only the tip of the iceberg and we had a lot to learn. In the beginning, we were frantically looking for help to learn these techniques. With very few resources to turn to, we had to teach ourselves much of it. Social media was key in this journey. We met many smart and amazing people who added piece-by-piece to our growing understanding of all this. We started to teach courses on these various topics to help others learn digital dentistry. What we quickly learned is that while live courses are key, we are all busy people with limits to our time and budgets. We needed a better way to share information so that people had another option to learn digital dentistry. We have reached out to all those amazing and bright friends who helped us and many of you through this journey and brought everyone together onto a single platform, digitaldds.com.


We are educators at heart who love to see people's eyes light up when they finally grasp that difficult concept that will lead them to new and exciting things. Therefore, digitaldds.com was built with the hope to spread this type of education and inspiration. Digital dentistry is becoming more prevalent than ever in our profession. More and more people are starting this journey and others are in the middle of it. We are hoping that anyone at any point along their journey, can find what they need here to get to the next step.


If you know a particular digital dentistry skill that is not covered on digitaldds.com, please contact us. We would love to get you teaching that skill as soon as possible.